Why Purchase A Beaker Bong

Collection of Beaker Bongs

The excellent olʼ bong is a favored for cigarette smokers due to its ability to make smoking a lot more comfortable. Scientific bongs are specifically made to use the ideal in smoking cigarettes modern technology. As the name suggests, scientific bongs are based on the scientific glass containers made use of in labs, particularly examination tubes and beakers. Beaker bongs are great for smokers that love the classic feel and look of old school water pipes. Over the years these products have not experienced any dramatic changes although the glass found in beaker bongs are much durable especially against being dropped. This is a plus for many smokers because these products can be expensive. Beaker bong can be purchases online for a great price by visiting this website https://skyhighsmokeshop.com/shop/beakers-and-straight-tubes/.

Beaker Bong


While real clinical beakers can be have several read more

Let’s Take Control of Continuations


What is a continuation? A continuation is a function that represents what to do next. When you transform a program into continuation-passing style you add an explicit argument to every function that represents the continuation. Instead of returning normally you can call the continuation on the value you want to return. The continuation represents what to do next with the value.

A function can also recursively call itself in CPS, but you can’t build more control flow context. Instead you have to directly call the function recursively with a more complicated continuation.

In other words for a function f you can’t do a recursive call like 1 + f(n - 1) since that would build context. Instead you build up the context in the explicit continuation you pass in the recursive call to f.

Context as data structure

One big advantage of making the control flow explicit in the continuation function is that it becomes read more

Whirlwind Tour of Languages, Scheme


We begin our quest to create a programming language with a whirlwind tour of some existing languages. To build great new works one must know what has come before. People have been programming computers for a while now, and some smart people have come up with impressive programming languages. Let’s take a look at some of them.

You don’t have to understand everything about all these languages right away. You’ll get a taste of four languages, but just a taste. Hopefully it is enough of a taste to help you decide if you want to learn more about that language and that family of languages. If you don’t already know these languages, don’t be intimidated by all the new syntax and crazy things going on. The point is to show off some cool features of existing languages for inspiration for your language.

First up is Scheme.

computer coding
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