Check in your changes

Once you've got your compiler working in a file and perhaps added some features to it, check it in to your GitHub repository.

If you just have one file, go to your local directory connected to your GitHub repository and run:

git add mus/compiler.js
git commit -m "My awesome MUS compiler"
git push

Bragging time

Now tell everyone about your work!

To put a link in a forum comment you can just paste it in or use standard HTML syntax. My GitHub test project named "this-is-a-test" has a URL that looks like this:

Leave a comment in the forums at Homework 2 that includes a link to your GitHub repository and a sentence or two describing what's in your repository right now.

If you have cool ideas for extending MUS, work on implementing them and checking them in. Maybe use beats and a tempo for duration instead of milliseconds? Maybe add lyrics to notes for karaoke playback? Go for it.

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