Followup Resources

Music Languages

There have been many little languages to represent music. My favorite is ABC. It looks like this:

There are many programs that work with ABC. For example you can "compile" ABC programs into PDF, or play them by converting to MIDI format.

Sequential and Parallel Composition

Sequential composition is a basic building block of programming languages, so we'll be seeing seq again. If you did the problem with par as well, parallel composition is a fundamental part of process calculi.

Interpreter Styles

There are many ways to implement programming languages. We covered a few combinations but there are many more. Take a look at: Interpreter computing

Learn git

If you're new to Git, now is a good time to start reading up on how it works. You can get by just knowing a couple commands at first but it's always helpful to know how the tools you're using work.

Here are two good online references.